Zipper's Performance 309-575 User Manual

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Rev Limit

Above this RPM, the module will begin to cut spark to one or both cylinders
as required to bring engine speed back down below this rpm.

Tip: Most engines are not designed to run much over 6,000 RPM. Use caution

with this setting, as a limit that is too high may allow damage to the engine.

Rev Limit 2

When the Rev Limit 2 wire is connected to ground (if equipped), the module
will begin to cut spark to one or both cylinders as required to bring the engine
below the set RPM.

Crank Sensor Delay

All “Hall Effect” and Optical sensors have a delay time between the trigger
action (flywheel wheel notch) and the output signal. This delay is negligible at
low speeds, but may be an issue at very high speeds (usually above
6000rpm). If the spark timing retards at high speed, even though
programmed timing is constant, a larger value may correct this problem.

Crank Sensor Sync

This function corrects for a misaligned sensor or flywheel plate. A negative
value will correct for advanced timing, positive values correct for retarded

Speedo Cal

Your module is shipped with a speedometer calibration value for a Softail
(except FXSTD). However, if you own a different motorcycle, use values from
the chart below to calibrate your speedometer:


Speedo Cal

Sportster 883


Sportster 1200


Dyna (except FXDP)


Dyna (FXDP)


Softail (except FXSTD)


Softail (FXSTD)


Touring (except police)


Touring (police)


Note: If have made modifications to your motorcycle that affect the speedometer

calibration (such as pulley ratios or replaced the tire with different diameter),
you can fine-tune the speedometer calibration until the speedometer
calibration matches your motorcycle. Larger values will cause the
speedometer to read slower, while smaller values will cause the
speedometer to read faster. Fine-tuning is best done on a chassis

Shift RPM

Above this RPM, the module will supply ground to an output wire. This wire
can be used to supply ground to a shift light, for example.