Chapter 1 introduction, 1 general information, 2 system requirements – Zipper's Performance 309-575 User Manual

Page 5: 3 software installation, 4 software authorization

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Thunder Heart Performance Corp.






General Information

Thunder Heart SMART LINK III software gives you complete control of your
ignition system. The software enables the user to fine-tune the front and rear
spark curves to squeeze every ounce of horsepower from your high
performance V-twin engine. Rev limits and other parameters are also
adjustable using the software.

Note: Not all software features presented in this manual will be available in all

software and ignition products!


System Requirements

The SMART LINK III software is designed to run on personal computers
using Microsoft® Windows 98SE™ or later operating systems. Connection to
an RS232 serial port via a Thunder Heart Performance ASM2100C interface
cable is required when editing the module settings.

Note: If your computer is not equipped with a serial port, you will need to purchase

a USB-to-RS232 adapter from your local electronics retailer, such as

Note: Some computers equipped with a serial port may have difficulty connecting

to the ignition module. If you are experiencing such difficulty, and your
computer is equipped with a USB port, use a USB-to-RS232 adapter and
connect to the ignition module via the USB port.


Software Installation

To install the software onto your system, complete the following steps:

1. Exit any programs you are currently running.

2. Insert the SMART LINK III software into the CD-ROM drive.

3. The software will automatically begin the installation process.

Note: If the software does not automatically begin to install, double-click on the “My

Computer” icon. Then, double-click on the CD-ROM drive. Finally, double-
click on the file named “setup.exe.”

4. The SMART LINK III installation wizard will now guide you through the

rest of the installation.


Software Authorization

Upon initializing the software for the first time, you may be prompted to enter
an Authorization Code. Use the code printed on the CD.