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Getting Started

SMART LINK III software allows you to select or create a calibration file and
download it to your ignition module, or establish a communication link and
modify the current calibration. Calibration files may be selected from the
“File” menu, modified, and saved without connecting to a powered-up
module. Once a connection to the module is made, you can download a new
file, or modify the existing settings.

Note: You can program the ignition module with the bike running, or not running.

However, either way you must have power to the ignition module.

When the program is started the graph map line and markers are flat. This is
to distinguish the “empty” default settings from an actual calibration file. At
this point you have two options:

Modify or create an ignition map off-line. In other words, edit a file
residing on a disk or on the computer hard drive to be downloaded
into the module at a later time. For off-line editing you do not need to
be connected to the module.

Edit the calibration programmed in the ignition module. To upload the
calibration from the module, click on the “Link” icon.

Figure 1—Module Link Button

The red color on the button turns to green after a link has been

Remember: You must be connected to the module via the interface cable and have 12+

volts to the module (key “ON” and the kill switch in the “RUN” position).