Warranty information, 5 monitors – Zipper's Performance 309-575 User Manual

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Ignition Delay Revolutions

Ignition delay is used to help prevent startup kickback by waiting the
programmed number of revolutions before firing the ignition coil. This allows
the engine to build momentum in the proper direction.

Tip: Kick-start bikes must be set to zero. Most electric start engines work well with

zero or 1.

Note: If (after establishing a module link) “N/A Firmware” is displayed, this feature

is not available with your ignition module.

Map Select Lock

If this value is set to “1” the user “locks out” any switches or buttons (if
equipped) on the module itself. However, if this value is set to “0” moving any
switches or pressing any buttons on the ignition module will override any
settings you made using the SmartLink III software.

Tachometer Cal

With your ignition, some tachometers will read "double" or "half" of actual
engine speed. Set this value to "1" or "0" to correct the reading of the

Warranty Information

Click “Read Module” to retrieve the information from the module if it is not
currently displayed. (This feature is not available with all products and

This information is helpful in analyzing the history of how the motorcycle is
operated. The VIN can be recorded for future reference, and service data
files can be saved and loaded.



To monitor engine current engine parameters, click the “Monitor” button
located next to the “Link” button on the toolbar.

Figure 4—Monitor Button

Monitors are helpful for engine tuning and diagnosis. If a monitor is selected
from the monitor selection window with the mouse, a stand-alone “gauge”
can be configured to aid in monitoring that parameter.