How to adjust the bobbin thread tension – SINGER W1422 User Manual

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Generally thread tension should be controlled by the thread tension dial. Bobbin thread tension has teen

adiusted^at the factory and readjustment is scarecely needed except for special stitch, thread and fabric. Bobbin

thread tension is just right when you can pull the thread from bobbin case easily with a little resistance.

Thread tension may be adjusted by tightening or loosening the thread tension dial, if necessary.

Properly adjusted thread
tension for straight sewing

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*How to adjust the bobbin

thread tension

L.oosen the needle thread tcnsfnn bv
moving the dial to the Utwer number

The needle thread is too

’There are many reasons for having to reset your tension. The best tension for one fabric may not be correct for

another. The required tension depends upon the stiffness of fabric, thickness of the fabric, numbers of layers o

fabric being sewn, as well as the type of stitch you are making.

*lt is better to test the stitching on a scrap of the fabric you are using before starting to make a garment.