SINGER W1422 User Manual

Page 31

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Set the pattern selector at " B Then pass the needle thread

through the opening in the buttonhole foot and draw both needle and

bobbin threads to the left side. Turn the balance wheel towards you

until the needle comes to the point (1).


Lower the foot and sew slowly until a desired length is sewn,

then stop the machine at (2).


Raise the needle and set the selector at '' HI "■ Then sew

several stitches of bar tack until the needle is at point (3).


Raise the needle and set the selector at " Cl ", then sew the

right side of buttonhole just as the same length as the left side

of buttonhole. Stop the machine at (4).


Raise needle and set the selector at " □ ", then sew several

stitches of final bar tack. Stop the machine with the needle

at point (5). To lock threads, set the pattern selector at "B

(zero point of zigzag width)" and sew a few stitches.


Cut the buttonhole open carefully using a seam ripper, taking

care not to damage the bar tacks.

Note: * To make a heavier buttonhole, sew twice by repeating the

same procedure.