SINGER W164 User Manual

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Always adjust the upper tension with the presser foot down,

as the tension is released when it is raised. To increase the

tension on the upper thread, turn dial (Fig. 14) to the right, or

clockwise; to decrease, turn to the left. The higher the number

on the dial the tighter the tension. Before adjusting lower tension

be sure that the machine is threaded properly.

When it is necessary to change the bobbin tension, turn

the small screw (Fig. 16) on side of the bobbin case clockwise to
tighten, counterclockwise to loosen.

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Fig. 14

Fig. 15 A

Fig. 15B

Wheri the upper and under tensions are properly

balanced, a perfect stitch will be formed with both

threads interlocking in fabric (Fig. 15-A).

When the upper tension is too tight, the lower

thread is pulled up over the upper thread which is

lying flat on the fabric (Fig. 15-B).

When the upper tension is too loose, the upper

thread forms loops over the lower thread lying flat

on the fabric (Fig. 15-C).

Fig. ISC

Fig. 16