SINGER W164 User Manual

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Blind stitching the final step of a zipper insertion results in a fine finish that is almost

Invisible and comparable to hand sewing, Particulary suitable for chiffons, sheers, velvets and all

delicate fabrics wliere top stitching would be too harsh.

Allow a J4* seam allowance. Start the insertion in the regular way but omit final step.
Work from the right side of the garment and pin the front of the zipper tape into position.
Roll the work over finger to ease fabric and pin through all thicknesses. Baste about

from seam line to provide guide for blind stitching. Remove pins.

Use blind stitch hemmer.
Turn garment inside out. Place zipper tape over feed of machine and turn back the front

section of garment to line of basting, creating a soft fold. Position work so that the straight line
of stitching is made through front seam allowance and zipper tape, and the sideward stitch pierces
a fow threads of the fold. Lower presser bar and stich slowly. Remove bastings. Press.

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