SINGER W164 User Manual

Page 7

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Fig. 3


Disengage the hand wheel (5, Fig. 3;) from the stitching mechanism by turning the clutch (6,

Fig. 3) toward you or counterclockwise.

Place a spool of thread on one of the spoof pins. Lead thread through the upper thread guide

on the arm and down through the tension disc (9, Fig. 4) at the base of the machine. Run end of
thread through a hole in the bobbin edge and place bobbin B on spindle of. bobtm winder (4,

Fig. 4) fitting the notch on bobbin over small pin on spindle. Push bobin winder pulley against

hand -wheel. Hold thread end loosely and start machine slowly.

Bobbin will stop v/inding when it is filled. Turn clutch away from yd until sewing mecha­

nism is again engaged so that needle moves when you turn the hand wheel.

Break off loose thread end used to start the winding and thread bobbin as stated on page 6.