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Instructions for Installation (cont'd)

29, Fasten wall plate loosely to the wall in position shown using

the three screws provided in the plastic bag. Wall anchors are

recommended for drywall installation. Place a level on top of

the wall plate, adjust until level, and then tighten screws to
secure wall plate.

30. Strip the remote thermostat cable outer insulation back I’A

inches. Strip the ends


inch on each of the six colored wires.

31. Using the terminal connector removed in Step


, insert the

six colored insulated wires in the remote thermostat cable

into the numbered slots in the terminal connector and tight­

en each screw to secure each wire. Be sure to arrange wires in

exact color sequence as shown.


The six colored insulated wires must be instailed in

the terminal connector exactly as shown for the

thermostat to operate correctly.

32. Carefidly plug the wired terminal connector to the mating

pins on the thermostat back. Connector will install in one

direction only as shown.

33. Place thermostat over wall plate, press firmly, and thermostat

win snap into place on the wall plate.

34, Turn “ON” electric power to water heater.

35. Read Temperature Regulation Warning and Temperature

Settings, then proceed to Programming the Thermostat.


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