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Instructions for Operation (cont'd)

ERASE is the option that can delete all the settings that had


programmed previously. While in



mode, depressing the “ERASE” button will delete



time period that is on display. Depressing and holding the

“ERASE" button down for several seconds will erase all the set­

tings for an entire week. This procedure should be adminis­

tered careftillv. as erasing the entire week’s programmed set­

tings will necessitate a complete reprogtamming procedure.

OVRRRÌDE is an option that can be used to temporarily
adjust water temperature for a specific length of time. If for

example there is a need for higher water temperatures during a

specific number of hours or days, the “OVERRIDE” button

can be depressed. The first screen to be displayed is the

HOURS and DAYS time menu and DESIRED
TEMPERATURE. The default time period is 3 hours. This

time can be adjusted upward or downward by using the + or - of
the “TIME” button. After holding the + “TIME” button
beyond 24 hours the hours and days designation vrili appear.

The OVERRIDE can be adjusted for both days as weU as

hours. The maximum number of days to OVERRIDE is 99.

Override Display



After setting the time duration, the override temperature can

be adjusted by using the up (

A )

arrow or the down ( ^ )

arrow, located next to the display panel, until the target tem­

perature is displayed. For example, if guests arrive for the

weekend and warmer water temperatures are desired, the

occupant may adjust the temperature setting to 130°F for 2
days and 10 hours. This would control the target temperature

until the completion of the designated time and return the

thermostat to the program control that had been in operation

before the override was implemented.


There are five optional settings the owner can change in the

programmable control module.




the Optional

Setting Mode, depress the “PROGRAM” and “MODE”


tons simultaneously for four seconds. Four zeros should appear
in the upper left hand corner (0000) and a large number 1
should appear in the bottom right-hand corner. This indicates


optional menu is on the type of time


The first optional mode (1) setting involves the type of time
that will appear on the clock display. The default setting is the

normal twelve-hour clock. For military time depress either + or

- of the “TIME” button until the description 0001 appears in

the upper-left hand comer. To change back to normal time in

optional setting 1 depress either (+ or -) of the time buttons

until 0000 appears in the upper left-hand corner.

The second optional mode (2) setting involves the temperature

scale. To change to the temperature setting option, depress the
up or down arrow button until the large number 2 appears in

the lower right hand corner. The default setting is in the
Fahrenheit scale. To change to Centigrade, depress either + or
' of the “TIME” button until the description 0001 appears in
the upper-left hand corner. To change back to the Fahrenheit

scale, repeat the procedure until 0000 appears in the upper-left

hand corner.


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