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Instructions for Operation (cont'd)

Programming the Thermostat (cont'd)

Normal Display



Program Display



The most basic operation of the Intelligent water heater ther­

mostat is the Manual Mode. With this mode the thermostat is

set at a desired temperature and the water heater operates to
maintain that temperature. The Intelligent Maytag water heater

utilizes a special sensing device in the control system that allows

for temperature accuracy to be maintained at plus or minus 1°F.


Vacation mode is used whenever the residency is unoccupied for

a considerable length of time (2-days or longer) and hot water is
not needed. By selecting the Vacation Mode the water heater

will maintain a reduced setting of 80 degrees untU a new opera­

tion mode is selected.


The Auto mode selection permits the water heater to be pro­

grammed for four periods a day, 24-hours a day and 7-days a

week. To begin programming, depress the “MODE” button
until the AUTO selection appears in the display. To activate

the Program Mode depress the “PROGRAM” button at the

top of panel. The programming mode should appear as the

next display.

The first period to program is Monday “Morn” - this period is

designated as “Mom”. By depressing the + or - of the “TIME”

button, the owner can choose the target time for the water to be

at a specific temperature. The heating elements will be activated

15 minutes before the target time to heat the water to the

desired temperature. For example, if 6:00 AM is the time the

occupant desires 130°F water for bathing, the time on the pro­

grammed display would be set for 6:00 AM. The next selection

to program is the desired water temperature to have for morning
activities. In this example the temperature would be set to 130°F
by depressing either the up (


) arrow or the down ( ▼ ) arrow,

located next to the display panel, until the target temperature is


The second period to program is Monday “Day” - the method

of setting the time and temperature are the same for all four

selected periods of the day. The second period designated “Day”

can be set to a reduced temperaUire (70°F or lower) due to the
lack of need for hot water, assuming no one is at home during

the day. If everyone leaves at 9:30 AM, this time can be entered

into the program and the heating elements would not activate
until the temperature in the tank dropped to 70°F.

The third period to program is Monday


~ this period is

designated “Eve would usually begin when people arrive home
from their daily activities. The temperature for this period can
be adjusted to a normal hot water setting considering evening

demand like washing dishes or clothes. For example if 125°F is

the chosen temperature to have at 5:30 PM then these settings

would be entered into the program.

The fourth period to program is Monday “Nite” - this period

is designated “Nite” and is usually the beginning of decreased

hot water needs as the residents retire for the night. In the
example the temperature would be set for 70°F or lower with

the begin time set at 11:00 PM.

Program Copy - The first day of programming has now been

completed. If each succeeding day of the workweek requires the

same desired settings as those just programmed for Monday,

these settings can be copied to the remaining four days of the

week by depressing and holding the “PROGRAM” button for

several seconds. In this manner the first day’s settings are

repeated to аД four remaining weekdays.

Weekend programming - the weekend programming can be

set different than the weekday settings, if desired. Saturday and
Sunday can be separately programmed by advancing the pro­

gram selection to the day marked “SA” and/or “SU”. The steps
described above for programming the four periods per day can

be repeated for the weekend only using different rimes and tem­

peratures to provide desired water temperatures when needed on

the weekend.


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