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Instructions for Operation

Temperature Regulation

Programming the Thermostat


HOTTER WATER CAN SCALD: Water heaters are

intended to produce hot water. Water heated to a

temperature which will satisfy clothes washing,

dish washing, and other sanitizing needs can scald

and permanently injure you upon contact. Some


eople are more likely to be permanently injured by
ot water than others. These include the elderly,

children, the infirm, or physically/mentally handi­
capped. If anyone using hot water in your home fits

into one of these groups or if there is a local code

or state law requiring a certain temperature water

at the hot water tap, then you must take special


recautions. In addition to using the lowest possi­
le temperature setting that satisfies your hot

water needs, a means such as a mixing valve,

should be used at the hot water taps used by these

people or at the water heater. Mixing valves are

available at plumbing supply or hardware stores.

Follow manufacturers instructions for installation of

the valves.


Never allow small children to use a hot water tap,

or to draw their own bath water. Never leave a

child or handicapped person unattended in a bath­

tub or shower.

Temperature Conditions

VERY LOW — The thermostat minimum setback tempera­

ture is 60°F.

HOT- A thermostat setting of 120°F will supply hot

water at the most economical temperatures.

VERYHOT- The thermostat maximum temperature is

160°F. It is recommended that the tempera­

ture be set lower whenever possible.

NOTE: Water temperature range of 120°-140°F recom­

mended by most dishwasher manufacturers.

Before programming the settings on the thermostat, read
the "Temperature Regulation” section again.

This new programmable thermostat technology makes it pos­

sible for you to enjoy all the benefits of hot water whenever

you need it and save the cost of heating water when you don’t

need it.

Simple and easy to use, the programmable control has three

basic modes of operation:

1. Manual mode - a set and forget operation.

2. Vacation mode - for those occasions when the residence

is unoccupied and there is no need for hot water.

3. Programmable mode - can be programmed for up to 24

hour a day, 7 days a week with 4 set periods a day.

Override is an optional setting that allows for temperature

adjustments during a given time period. This setting reverts
back to the previous mode of operation upon completion of
the designated override time period.

Option menu is a mode to change the factory setting for the

time clock (12 hr. clock or 24 hr. militaiy), temperature scale
(°F to °C), default heating setpoint, vacation setpoint and

maximum heating setpoint.


Your new programmable control comes complete with a day of

the week and digital clock display. These settings are changed
using the day and time keys on the control pad. To adjust day

and/or time, depress the appropriate key button. The day of the

week scrolls left to right on the display as the “DAY” button is

depressed. The time setting can be adjusted by scrolling for­
ward or backward using the + and - of the “TIME” button.

The clock is based on a 24-hour rolling display with AM and

PM appearing below the hour and minute characters.


The constant display screen shows the water temperature

“WATER TEMP” inside the tank. It is continually on dis­
play until interrupted by a reprogram procedure, but reappears

after 20 seconds of inactivity.


To change the mode-of-operation depress the “MODE” but­

ton at the bottom of the control. The mode display will change

by scrolling from top to bottom with the Auto mode appearing

on the top of the column, followed by the Manual mode in the

middle and finally the Vacation mode at the bottom. Continue
to change between mode settings by depressing the “MODE”

button until the desired setting is displayed.


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