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Troubleshooting (cont'd)

Leakage Checkpoints

Use this guide to check a “Leaking” water heater. Many sus­
pected “Leakers” are not leaking tanks. Often the source of


water can be found and corrected.

If you are not thoroughly familiar with electric codes, the

water heater, and safety practices, contact your local utility or

call Maytag Customer Service at 1-800-788-8899 for an

authorized servicer to check the water heater.



Condensation may he seen on pipes in humid weath­
er or pipe connections may be leaking.

The primary anode rod may be leaking.

Small amounts of water from temperature-pressure
relief valve may be due to thermal expansion or high

water pressure in your area.

The temperature-pressure relief valve may be leaking

at the tank fitting.

The elements may be leaking at the tank fitting.







removing any access panels or servicing the

water heater, make sure the electrical supply
to the water heater is turned "OFF", Failure to

do this could result in DEATH, SERIOUS BODI­


Turn electrical power "OFF”, remove access panels

and fold back insulation. If leaking around elements,
follow proper draining instructions and remove ele­

ment. Reposition or replace gasket


element. Place

element into opening and tighten securely. Then fol­

low “Filling the Water Heater” instructions in the

“Instmctions for Installation” section,

CFJ Water from drain valve may be due to the valve being

opened slightly.

" The drain valve may be leaking at the tank fitting.

* Water in the water heater bottom or on the floor may

be from condensation, loose connections or the tem­

perature-pressure relief valve. DO NOT replace the

water heater until a full inspection of all possible
water sources is made and necessary corrective steps

Leakage from other appliances, water lines, or

ground seepage should also be checked,

*NOTE: To check where threaded pordon enters

tank, insert cotton swab between jacket opening

and fitting. If cotton is wet, follow “Draining”
instructions in the “Service and Madntenance” sec­

tion and then remove fitting. Put pipe dwe or
teflon tape on the threads and replace. Then follow

“Filling the Water Heater” instructions in the
“Instructions for Installation” section.


Read this manual first, then before checking the

water heater make sure the electric supply hasoeen
turned "OFF", and never turn the electric supply

"ON" before the tank is completely full of water.


Never use this water heater unless it is completely

full of water. To prevent damage to the tank and

heating element, the tank must be filled with water.

The water must flow from the hot water faucet

before turning "ON" power.


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