SINGER W815 User Manual

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5. Place start of buttonhole under needle and have its face you. Let down presser foot and

begin sewing. Stop when first row of stitches reaches the gauge.

6. Turn handwheel toward you until needle makes another right hand stitch. Leave needle

in material, (Fig. 22-A)

7. Raise presser foot slightly and turn garment clockwise around the needle. (Fig.22-B)

Lower presser foot and turn handwheel toward you until needle is above material.


Setting zigzag

width lever to the Tightest position. Make 3 to 4 stitches to sew

closing bar and stop machine with needle out of materiaj. The adjacent diagram (Fig.

22-C) shows the buttonhole as far as it has progressed up tonow.

9. Resetting zigzag width lever between markings 1 and 2. (to its original setting). Now

sew a second line of purl stitches making sure that the already sewn row passes through

the right-hand groove at the underside of the buttonhole presser foot. Stop machine

with needle out of material. The almost finished buttonhole will look like this (Fig.22-D).

10. Setting zigzag width lever again and repeat operation described in paragraph 8

above this finishes the buttonhole. If desired, lock stitchirtg by sewing a few stitches

with zigzag width lever returned to its normal position, so the indicator points at "0

and turn the drop feed knob to left "down! Insert Buttonhole Cutter at one end of

buttonhole and carefully cut material between the two rows of stitching. Avoid cutting

of stitching to assure strong and lasting buttonholes, to make reinforced buttonholes

introduce gimp of proper size into the samll hole right in front of the halfmoon-shapeded

stitch hole of the buttonhole presser foot. Sew over gimp as machine makes buttonholes

leave thread tension much the same as for ordinary sewing. Purl stitch buttonholes

require a tight tension of the needle thread. For better appearance, use needle thread of

the next heavier size.