SINGER W815 User Manual

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1. To wind the bobbin, the balance wheel must be disconnected from the stitching mechanism. Hold the

balance wheel with your left hand and turn the stop motion knob (Fig, 1) towards you with your right

hand. This will permit the balance wheel to turn freely while the needle bar remains motionless. The

balance wheel is now disconnected for the bobbin winding operation.

2. Place a spool of thread on the spool pin. Draw thread from the spool through tension bracket from back to

front (Fig. 2).

3. Now wind the end of the thread around empty bobbin seven or eight times and place the threaded bobbin

on the spindle of the bobbin winder.

4. And push the bobbin winder from left to right.
5. Now manipulate your foot control in the same manner as in sewing and when the bobbin is completely

full it will release automatically and stop turning. Detach bobbin from spindle. Hold balance wheel firmly
with left hand and with the right hand turn stop motion knob, away from you until if cannot be moved

any further and the needle bar moves with the turning of the balance wheel.

Fig 2