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To Adjust the Hand-Wheel Shaft

on Machine IU&W303

The hand-wheel shaft bushing (FI,Fig.25) Is eccentric and may be

rotated to bring the hand-wheel gear (Gl,Flg.25) Into proper engagement

Fig. 25. Rear View, Showing Adjustments and Oiling Points

at Top of Lcng-Arm Machines

with the gear on the arm shaft. Loosen the bushing set screw (El, Fig.

25) and the bushing (Fl) may then be tapped around by means of a screw

driver In holes In Inner end of bushing until there Is only a trace of

bac)tlash between the gears. Then tighten the set screw (El).

Parts Required for Changing the Gauge of a Machine

The following Hook Saddle Bearings are used for different gauges:


Hook Saddle Bearings



1/4 to 1-1/8



1-5/32 to 2-1/16



2-1/8 to 2-1/2



When changing the gauge frcm one of these ranges to another, a new

pair of hook saddle bearings must be ordered. In addition to these,
a new feed dog, throat plate, presser foot and needle holder will be
required for each gauge.

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