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Th read

Use left twist thread for the needles,

twist thread may be used for the bobbins.

Either left or right

Fig. 6. How to Determine the Twist

Hold the thread as shown above. Turn the thread over tcward you

between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand; If left twist,
the strands will wind tighter; If right twist, the strands will unwind.

To Set the Need Ies

Turn the balance wheel over tcward you until the needle bar moves

up to Its highest position; loosen the set screws In the needle holder
and put the needles up Into the holder as far as they will go, with

their long grooves facing each other and their eyes In line, then
tighten the set screws.

To Remove the Bobbins

Draw back the slide plates In the bed of the machine and turn the

balance wheel until the bobbin case openers (M,Flg.7) move clear of

the bobbins. With the forefinger or a screwdriver, raise the latches

(L) to a vertical position and lift out the bobbins.



Fig. 7. Removing the Bobbin

To Wind the Bobbins on Machines IU5wl03 and IU5w203

(See Fig. 8)

Fasten the bobbin winder to the table with Its driving pulley In

front of the machine belt, so that the pulley will drop away from the

belt when sufficient thread has been wound upon the bobbin.

Fig. 8. Winding the Bobbin

Place the bobbin on the bobbin winder spindle and push It on as

far as It will go, being sure that stud (C) enters a hole In the bobbin.

Pass the thread dcwn through the thread guide (1) In the tension

bracket, around the back and between the tension discs (2). Then wind
the end of the thread around the bobbin a few times, push the bobbin
winder pulley over against the machine belt and start the machine.

When sufficient thread has been wound upon the bobbin, the bobbin

winder will stop automatically.

If the thread does not wind evenly on the bobbin, loosen the

screw (A) In the tension bracket and move the bracket to the right or
left as may be required, then tighten the screw.

The amount of thread wound on the bobbin Is regulated by the

screw (B). To wind more thread on the bobbin, turn the screw (B)

Inwardly. To wind less thread on the bobbin, turn the screw outwardly.

Bobbins can be wound while the machine Is stitching.

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