To wind the bobbins on machine iu5w303, To replace the bobbins and thread the bobbin cases – SINGER W203 User Manual

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To Wind the Bobbins on Machine IU5w303

(See Fig. 9)

Place the bobbin on the bobbin winder spindle and push It up

against the shoulder until It Is In line with the bobbin winder latch.


Fig. 9. Winding the Bobbin

Pass the thread from the imwlnder, under and between the tension

discs (1), through the eyelet (2), and wind the end of the thread
around the bobbin (3) a few times. Push the bobbin winder pulley
against the balance wheel and press the latch against the bobbin. When

sufficient thread has been wound on the bobbin, the bobbin winder will
stop automatically. Bobbins can be wound while the machine Is

To Replace the Bobbins and

Thread the Bobbin Cases

Hold each bobbin between the thumb and forefinger with the thread

drawing on the bottan frori left to right as shown In Fig. 10 and place

Is». to

Fig. 10. Direction of Thread on Bobbin

it on the center stud of the bobbin case, then push down the latch

(L,Fig.11). Draw the thread Into the slot (1,Fig. 10), under the

tension spring and Into slot (2) as shown In Figs. 10 and 11, leaving

a loose end of thread about two Inches long above the slide. When
closing the slide plates, leave Just enough space for the threads to
pass through.

Fig. 11. Bobbin Cases Threaded

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