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Oiling the Mach ine

When the machines are received from the factory, they should be

thoroughly cleaned and oiled,
be oiled at least twice a day.

When In continuous use, they should



Front View of Machine


Showing Oiling Points

Oil should be applied at each of the places designated by arrows

In Figs. 2, 3, 4, 5 and 25.

Fig. 3. Rear View of Machine

Showing Oiling Points and Adjustments

Loosen the thumb screw In the upper end of the face plate, turn

the face plate upward and oil the wick and bearings which are thus

uncovered, then turn dcwn the face plate and tighten the thumb screw.

Fig. 4. End View of Machine Showing Oiling Points

Also Adjustments on the Machine

Apply a few drops of oil four times dally to the felt pad In the

side wall of each bobbin case as Illustrated In Fig. 10.


Fig. 5. Base of Machine Showing Oiling Points and Adjustments

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