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Hemming With Lace

Lace edgings can be applied with the

Foot Hemmer to trim lingerie hems, chil­
dren’s clothes, etc.

Lace Applied Over Hern

• Fold and start hem in usual way.
• Starting about 1 inch down from end of

lace, place selvage under the needle,
then lower the needle to hold lace

• Raise hemmer foot slightly and slip lace

under back part of foot.

• Stitch slowly, guiding fabric with right

hand and lace with left hand. Take care

not to stretch the lace.

Lace Applied Under Hem

When using lace underneath the fold of

a hem, the procedure is the same as when

making a hemmed seam (page 25). Slip

the lace in from the left as you would the

second piece of fabric.

This method is used where a neat finish

is desired on both sides of the material.'

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