Inserting a wound bobbin – SINGER 9124 User Manual

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When you want to sew with a bobbin that is already wound, insert it following the

instructions below.

• Raise presser foot.

• Turn hand wheel toward you until needle

is in its highest position.

• Open slide plate completely, and remove


1. Pull 4" (10cm) of thread from replace­

ment bobbin and insert bobbin, with
rings facing up, into case,

rings racing up, into case.

2. Holding bobbin in place, guide thread

into notch (1).

3. Bring thread around and past point #2.

4. Holding bobbin thread on outside, leave

slide plate open.

Follow directions for ‘‘Raising Bobbin
Thread”, on page 17.

Once the needle has been threaded and the bobbin placed in the bobbin case, the
bobbin thread must be brought up through the hole in the needle plate.


• Be sure slide plate is fully open.

1. Hold needle thread with left hand.

• Turn hand wheel slowly toward you,

lowering needle into hole in plate.

2. Continue to do this until needle rises

above needle plate.

• Pull gently on needle thread and bring

up bobbin thread in a loop.

3. Open loop with fingers to find end of

bobbin thread.

4. Draw needle, thread through left side

opening in presser foot.

• Pull both threads to back of machine.

• Completely close slide plate once

bobbin thread has been brought up.


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