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panying your machine are conveniently
kept in the built-in accessory storage
under the top lid of the machine. The
chart on the left side of the lid identifies the
location of the accessories. The chart on
the right side gives the accessory com­

binations for the illustrated applications.
For example, to sew a button, use the
feed cover (F) with the button sewing foot





NOTE: This chart gives only a sampling of applications. Additional applications may be
found in other sections of this manual. Lint brush can be used to aid removal of


The accessories for your machine are designed to simplify many of your sewing

General Purpose Needle Plate (A), and

Presser Foot (B), are standard on the
machine. Used for straight and zig-zag

Straight Stitch Needle Plate (C), and

Presser Foot (D), used when straight

the feed from moving fabric.

Zipper Foot (E), for inserting zippers.

Feed Cover (F), used for button sewing,

free motion work and darning. It keeps
the feed from moving fabric.

Darning and Embroidery Foot (G) is
recommended for free motion work, such

as embroidery, monogramming and decora­
tive designs.

Button Sewing Foot (H) hold buttons
securely for fastening.

Special Purpose Presser Foot (J), used
for decorative and zig-zag sewing.

Blindstitch Presser Foot (K) helps guide

fabric for nearly invisible blindstitch hems.

One-Step Buttonhole Attachment (L),
used to stitch a complete buttonhole in

one single step.

Seam Guide (N) helps keep seam allow­
ances even.

Needle Threader (P) assists in threading
machine needle.

Small Thread Spool Cap (Q) for use with
small diameter spools of thread.

Thread Spool Cap for medium and
large thread spools.

Lint Brush, for cleaning the machine.

Bobbins, transparent for easy viewing of

thread supply.

Needle Pack includes an assortment for
sewing various types of fabrics.

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