SINGER WSL2000 ATS (Part 1) User Manual

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Raise the needles to their highest position.

Bring the thread from the spool and pass it through the guides on thread stand (back to

front), then under thread clip (1).

Lay thread between thread tension discs (2). Be sure thread is seeded all the way into the

tension discs.

Pass thread through guides A and B for each needle.

Thread each needle(s) eye (4) using your needle threader found in the storage area of the

right front cover.

To thread right needle, lower presser
foot and raise needles to their highest
position. Follow illustrations 1-6 (next
page) inserting left peg of needle threader

into hole on right side of needle bar, then

sliding wire of needle threader through eye
of needle (back to front).

Hook thread under wire hook an dull needle

threader straight back to pull thread through
eye of needle. Place thread tail under presser
foot and toward back left corner.

Thread left needle in same manner, following

illustration Slide right peg of needle threader
into slot on left side of needle bar and continue
same as for right needle. Be sure to put needle

threader back into the built-in accessory


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