SINGER W1266 User Manual

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Two types available on your machine. One the multiple zigzag stitch and the

other the serpentine stitch. Use the one most suited for the type of material and

work you are doing.

For multiple zigzag stitch set your machine for decorative stitch design number

D-1, for the serpentine stitch E-1 and zigzag stitch width and buttonhole control knobs



and stitch lenght to suit.

Use these stitch designs for :

(1) When applying elastic waist bands to skirts and dresses being sure to

stretch the elastic as it is applied to insure fullenss required in the garment.

(2) When replacing worn blanket bindings as they afford both a decorative

and durable finish,

C3) When sewing on jersey or any material that has a tendency to stretch,

C4) Many other iems which you will encounter in your sewing projects.


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