Mmmmmmmmmmmm – SINGER W1266 User Manual

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Be sure zigzag presser


foot and zigzag needle plate are in place.

To stitch continuously at one width of zigag stitching, set zigzag stitch width stop

Z (Fig. 23) by turning zigzag width control knob D to desired setting and press.

Lock Z. this will lock the control knob in position.

To release zigzag width control knob D just press lock Z and control kno wi

spring back to



- Set a rhythm for yourself and then proceed. After

awhile you will become quite skillful, varying your de­

signs by the speed of the machine, stitch length, and
manipulation of the zigzag control knob.


Fig. 29

MH UMU lUlU UiUU tilUl ItiliU UtUl UiUU UlilU lUill


Fig. 29

A. Sew a few stitches at 5 width, then allow knob

to spring back to 0 for a short period. Count, if necessary,
to establish a rhythm.

B Set stop at 2 then move knob slowly between numbers 2 and 5 rather fast.
C. Set stop at 1. Gradually move knob from 1 to 5, allowing it to snap back quickly.

D. Set zigzag stitch width stop at 4, stitch length at lYz- Do a few zigzag stitches, drop

feed for 3 or 4 stitches, then raise it again. By operating the feed knob rhythmically it is not
necessary to count stitches.