Straight stitching, Adjusting the stitch widths – SINGER WS1145 User Manual

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„П fine fabric or very soft material, you may want to use the straight

For straight sewing on fine

included in your accessory

stitch presser foot and the straight stitch needle plat, «hitch

bolt. Both have narrow needle slots.

CWgm^the Foot

^„ew securely. To change needle

zigzag foot. Rep ace wi

plnte with

plate remove screws and slide

highest points,

that for straight sewing, while raising the needle bar and the pr

(1) Set the buttonholer control dial at the position mar e

,2i Set the stitch Width

length, and then you can start

(3) Adjust the pitch so that you can gei yuux

sewing straight.


(1) Align the indicator of buttonholer control dial.

{©, Fig. 23)

with the point marked "M".

(2) Align the indicator of zigzag width control

dial ® with any desired width between 0-5.

(3) Align the stitch length indicator ® with the

stitch length you have decided to use.

Fig. 23