StorCase Technology RJR100 User Manual

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RJR100 User’s Guide - Rev. D02

StorCase Technology, Inc.


NOTICE: This User's Guide is subject to periodic updates without notice. While reason-

able efforts have been made to ensure accuracy of this document, StorCase

Technology, Inc. assumes no liability resulting from errors or omissions in this

publication, or from the use of the information contained herein.

Please check the StorCase website at or contact

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Free Technical Support

StorCase provides free technical support. If you experience any difficulty during the

installation or subsequent use of a StorCase product, please contact StorCase’s Technical

Support Department prior to servicing your system. This warranty covers only repair or

replacement of defective StorCase products, as described above. StorCase is not liable for,

and does not cover under warranty, any costs associated with servicing and/or installation

of StorCase products.
StorCase Technical Support can be reached in the U.S. at (714) 438-1858 or toll-free at (888)

435-5460 (U.S. and Canada only). StorCase European Technical Support can be reached in

the U.K. at +44 (0) 1932 738900.


The foregoing is the complete warranty for the products identified above and

supersedes all other warranties and representations, whether oral or written.

StorCase expressly disclaims all warranties for the identified products, which are

not stated herein, including, to the extent permitted by applicable law, any implied

warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will

StorCase be liable to the purchaser, or to any user of a StorCase product, for any

damages, expenses, lost revenues, lost savings, lost profits, or any other

incidental or consequential damages arising from the purchase, use or inability

to use a StorCase product, even if StorCase has been advised of the possibility
of such damages.

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