Installing the receiving frame – StorCase Technology RJR100 User Manual

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RJR100 User’s Guide - Rev. D02

StorCase Technology, Inc.


Installing the Receiving Frame

The drive should be installed into the carrier before installing the receiving frame into the

mounting bay of a computer or expansion chassis.


Turn OFF power to computer or expansion chassis.


Open computer or expansion chassis according to manufacturer’s in-

structions. If necessary, temporarily remove any expansion boards that

may make installation difficult.


With the drive carrier locked into place inside the receiving frame, install

the RhinoJR into the 5.25” drive opening in the computer or expansion

chassis. Fasten into place with the four (4) #6-32 large Phillips Pan Head

screws provided. Figure below illustrates the location of the mounting



Adjust the front of the receiving frame so that the carrier slides freely in

and out of the receiving frame guides. The position of adjoining periph-

eral units may require adjustment.


Connect the I/O cable from the host adapter to the receiving frame.


Connect the DC power cable from the DC power supply in the computer

or expansion chassis to the power connector on the RhinoJR receiving

frame rear panel.


Replace any expansion boards that may have been removed earlier.

Replace the system cover according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Reconnect any system or peripheral cables removed earlier.


Turn on power to the computer. If the installation was successful, and

all cables have been properly attached, the system should boot normally.

Although the computer may not recognize the RhinoJR yet, the Chassis

Status LED indicator on the RhinoJR front panel should illuminate.