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StorCase Technology, Inc.

RJR100 User’s Guide- Rev. D02



Drive Carrier

The StorCase Technology RhinoJR (P/Ns RJR100-A100 and RJR100-SWU2X) removable

drive carrier and receiving frame provides low cost, durable and reliable mounting for 3.5”

AT/IDE and Ultra ATA/100 or SCSI drives within 5.25” half-height peripheral slots. The

RhinoJR is constructed of lightweight, durable cast nickel and allows a drive to be removed

and transported to another RhinoJR-equipped computer or expansion chassis, and also

provides the ability to secure sensitive data by removing and storing the drive safely for

future use.

The RhinoJR carrier is also available separately. Contact your StorCase dealer for further

details and ordering information.

Key Lock/Drive Power Switch - Performs three functions. The key lock assures proper

seating of the drive carrier within the receiving frame, turns power to the drive carrier on and

off, and prevents unauthorized removal or installation of the carrier. For the computer to

access data on the RhinoJR drive, the key must be turned counterclockwise to the locked


SCSI ID Indicator (Does not apply to the RJR100-A100 model) - Displays the physical SCSI

address of the RhinoJR carrier, but only when the carrier is Installed and Locked in the

receiving frame. The SCSI ID is selected by means of the SCSI ID select switch located

behind the drive carrier.

Drive Activity LED - Provides a visual indication of drive activity.