Installation, Installing the drive into the carrier – StorCase Technology RJR100 User Manual

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RJR100 User’s Guide - Rev. D02

StorCase Technology, Inc.



NOTES: For SCSI Ultra2 (LVD) operation, the RJR100-SWU2X requires LVD chassis and

cabling. The RJR100-SWU2X supports LVD implementations with a maximum of 15

drives in one chassis.

For Ultra ATA/100 (100MByte/sec) operation, an Ultra ATA/100 controller and hard

drive(s), and appropriate 40-pin, 80-conductor cable are required.

Installing the Drive into the Carrier

While performing the steps in this section, work on a soft surface to prevent excessive

shock to the drive being installed. Also refer to the manufacturer’s documentation provided

with the drive. A Phillips #1 and #2, and flat head screwdriver will be required for installation.


Remove both top and bottom covers from the drive carrier as shown. If

needed, gently pry off covers with a flat head screwdriver.


Both covers need to be removed in order to install the drive into the RhinoJR car-