StorCase Technology RJR100 User Manual

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StorCase Technology, Inc.

RJR100 User’s Guide- Rev. D02


Front Fan Alarm Disable SW2 (or S2, depending on model) - This jumper option allows the

front fan alarm to be disabled when the front fan is manually disabled (see figure on page 2).

Jumper is included in the RhinoJR accessory packet.

Although not recommended, the front fan may be manually disabled by disconnecting the

front fan power cable (red/black cable) from the drive carrier board, located inside the

carrier (see figure below).


For high performance drives (10K RPM or higher), BOTH fans should be left enabled!

No jumper (Factory Default)-

Audible alarm will sound and LED will turn red when

either fan fails.

Jumper on SW2 (or S2) -

Jumper installed on SW2 will disable front fan audi-

ble alarm and LED when the front fan has been manu-

ally disabled. Rear fan audible alarm and LED will still

function in the case of rear fan failure.