Selecting the scsi id number – StorCase Technology RJR100 User Manual

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RJR100 User’s Guide- Rev. D02


Selecting the SCSI ID Number


There is no SCSI ID select switch on the RJR100-A100 model.

The RhinoJR SCSI ID selection switch is located on the rear of the carrier, as shown in the

figure below. Carefully select the appropriate SCSI ID number for the installed device.

Selecting an invalid ID number, or selecting the same number on different devices may cause

unpredictable results and the computer system may not recognize the installed device.


Verify that power is turned on to the RhinoJR receiving frame by turning

on the computer or external chassis. A number should appear in the

SCSI ID indicator window if the carrier is locked in place.


Unlock the carrier and remove it from the receiving frame.


Unlocking the carrier unit turns DC power off to the drive. Since disk

drives require a short amount of time to spin down, allow about 15 sec-

onds before pulling the carrier unit out of the receiving frame to avoid

possible damage to the drive.


After selecting an appropriate SCSI ID number, replace the RhinoJR

carrier in the receiving frame, and LOCK IT IN PLACE.