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6.2.4 Mechanical seals
The current maintenance is limited to seal control.
It is necessary to detect any small leakage which
announces the beginning of the deterioration of
friction faces or secondary seal elements (rings,
bellows, synthetic membranes).

It is advisable to stop the pump as soon as
possible. Have an approved seal vendor replace or
repair the seal.

6.2.5 Internal coating
If the pump has an internal coating, this coating
must be inspected periodically.

Any wear or cracks of the coating found must be
immediately repaired. Failure to do this may lead
to accelerated wear of the coating during operation
and corrosion of the exposed base metal,
depending on the material and pumped liquid.

Special attention must be paid to the coating

Any loss of coating material is considered to be
normal wear and tear on the pump and is not
considered as warranty.

Flowserve has applied the coatings according to
the supplier's instructions but will not be held
responsible for coating wear or cracks that may
develop over time.

6.3 Spare parts

6.3.1 Ordering of spares

Flowserve keeps records of all pumps that have
been supplied. When ordering spares the following
information should be quoted:

1) Pump serial number.
2) Pump size.
3) Part name
4) Part number
5) Number of parts required.

The pump size and serial number are shown on
the pump nameplate.

To ensure continued satisfactory operation,
replacement parts to the original design
specification should be obtained from Flowserve.

Any change to the original design specification
(modification or use of a non-standard part) will
invalidate the pump’s safety certification.

6.3.2 Storage of spares
Spares should be stored in a clean dry area away
from vibration. Inspection and re-treatment of
metallic surfaces (if necessary) with preservative is
recommended at 6 monthly intervals.

6.4 Recommended spares and
consumable items

We advise you to stock the components indicated


on the "Parts List".

6.4.1 Gaskets
Change all the gaskets after each dismantling.

6.4.2 Mechanical seal
Change the mechanical seal when it leaks or if it is
damaged (broken, jagged friction face) after
dismantling or reassembly.

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