2 touch screen gestures description, 3 cautions of using touch screen – Genee World G-Touch PRO – All in One PC User Manual

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Double Click “HidCalib”

Press red cross on the screen followed by clicking

Click “OK’ button to complete the calibration

4.2 Touch screen gestures Description

The touch screen can support single-point or multi-point touch (depending on the

model), it can support click, double click, right click, rotate, zoom in and out.

4.3 Cautions of Using Touch Screen

1. It is important to note when using do not use anything sharp or hard on the

screen which can cause damage

2. Keep the touch screen surface clean and dry, and ensure that the fingers are

dry, clean. Dirt on screen could affect the normal use of touch screen

3. When cleaning the screen, in order to protect the screen, please use soft cloth

to wipe the screen after the shutdown and keep the screen out of power. Do

not use any type of wet cloth on the screen

4. Avoid water and dust in the glass and cracks of the chasis frame when cleaning

5. Keep the screen clear of dusty, high temperature or moisture environment. A

severe environment could effect the normal operation of the screen

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