3chapter 1 introduction, Disclaimer, Warnings and precautions – Genee World G-Touch PRO – All in One PC User Manual

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Chapter 1 Introduction

Thank you for your choice of purchase. Please read this user manual before using

your product and refer to this or a professional technician for any queries related to

the product.


1. This product has been tested in accordance with the provisions of FCC Rules

Part 15 and complied with Class B digital device regulations. The purpose

of these provisions is to provide reasonable protection against harmful

interference in domestic use.

2. This product may not be fully adaptable with other products and not suited for

other environments which aren’t mentioned in this user manual and related

product material. Therefore the warranty will only cover issues with the G Touch

Pro product alone.

3. Because of technical or other external factors which leads to changes on

product design and specifications, the company will not give a separate notice.

Warnings and Precautions

This machine is a high voltage, do not open the cabinet in order to avoid an electric

shock. Maintenance should be entrusted to professionals.

Incorrect methods of operation may cause electric shock or fire incidents. To ensure

your safety and the lifespan of the machine, please read the following instructions

carefully before using this machine. All operation must comply with all instructions.

Do not use the accessory equipment which is not recommended by the


Please use the machines with the supplied power adapter. Also please check

AC power adapter specification, if you are not sure whether it fits your local

electricity condition, contact your distributor or manufacturer.

Do not try to try to manually fix or alter the supplied power adapter . Damaged

power cord can cause electric shock or fire.

Do not try to repair the machine without professional guidance, as the high

voltage machine could result in the hazard of human body or the machine

itself. Be sure the machine is repaired or maintained by professional technician.

Do not attempt any actions which conflict with this manual. Improper

adjustment of components which hasn’t been mentioned in the instructions

could damage the machine.

Clean the machine before plugging in the power. Please use the slightly damp

cloth to clean the machine and don’t use liquid cleaning detergent or spray

cleaner. Unplug the power if the machine hasn’t been used for a long time.

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