11 chapter 5 troubleshooting – Genee World G-Touch PRO – All in One PC User Manual

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Chapter 5 Troubleshooting


Possible Reasons

Power cannot be turned on

Check whether all cables are

connected correctly and the power

socket is turned on

You can use another equipment

connecting with power socket to

check whether the power is on

No images or sound

Check whether the model is power

on (indicator light should be blue)

Check other signal inputs to check

whether there’s a problem with

signal inputs

Check whether cables are

connected correctly

Check whether you set mute mode

The image isn’t displayed completely

Enter menu and select “automatic


Image Distortion

To check whether aspect ratio of

image has been set correctly

Image is too bright, while image

distortion on bright regions

Lower contrast rate

Turn up the brightness

Check whether the brightness

grade is too high

PC unable to display image

Check whether the resolution of PC

has been set too high, higher than

resolution ceiling supported

No image after installation of operation


Restart the PC and press F8 to

enter “advanced boot”. Select and

enter the mode which is supported


No image after installation of graphics


Restart the PC, enter the system

after 1-2 min or enter “Win+P” to

choose display mode

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