2 power on, 3 install operating system – Genee World G-Touch PRO – All in One PC User Manual

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Chapter 3 Getting Started

3.1 Connect the AC adapter

The power adapter is an international universal power adapter, power supply input

voltage ranges from 100V ` 240V.

The following is the correct installation steps:

Connect the power cord to the AC adapter

Connect the power cord to the power socket

Plug the adapter DC connector to the DC port of machine

3.2 Power On

Press and hold the power button for 1-2 seconds, then release. The computer will

automatically execute the boot self test (POST).

Warnings: When the computer crashes, press the power button for 4-6 seconds

to turn off the computer.

3.3 Install Operating System

These products are shipped without installation of the operating system, users

need to install the operating system themselves.

3.3.1 Enter the BIOS settings

1. During the power-on self test, Press F2 into the BIOS settings.

2. Use the arrow keys to select the “boot”

3. Set up your system installation disk as first priority on boot

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