Connect vent, Level dryer, Complete installation checklist q – Maytag WED4890BQ Installation User Manual

Page 16: Connect vent to exhaust outlet, Tighten and adjust leveling legs, Move dryer to final location

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Connect Vent


Connect vent to exhaust outlet

Using a 4" (102 mm) clamp, connect vent to exhaust outlet

in dryer. If connecting to existing vent, make sure vent is

clean. Dryer vent must fit over dryer exhaust outlet and inside

exhaust hood. Check that vent is secured to exhaust hood

with a 4" (102 mm) clamp.

Level Dryer

Not Level

LEVEL Not Level

NOTE: The dryer must be level for the moisture sensing system

to operate correctly.


Tighten and adjust leveling legs

If dryer is not level or the same height as the washer, prop up

using a wood block. Use wrench to adjust legs up or down,

and check again for levelness. Once legs are level, make sure

all four legs are snug against the floor before tightening them.


Move dryer to final location

Move dryer to final location. Avoid crushing or kinking vent.

After dryer is in place, remove corner posts and cardboard

from under the dryer.


Level Dryer

Check levelness of dryer from side to side. Repeat from

front to back.

Complete Installation Checklist


Check that all parts are now installed. If there is an extra

part, go back through steps to see what was skipped.


Check that you have all of your tools.


Dispose of/recycle all packaging materials.


Check dryer’s final location. Be sure vent is not crushed

or kinked.


For power supply cord installation, plug into an outlet.

For direct wire installation, turn on power.


Check that dryer is level. See “Level Dryer.”


Remove film on console and any tape remaining on dryer.


Wipe dryer drum interior thoroughly with a damp cloth to

remove any dust.


Read “Dryer Use” in your Use and Care Guide.


Set the dryer on a full heat cycle (not an air cycle) for

20 minutes and start the dryer.

If the dryer will not start, check the following:

Controls are set in a running or “On” position.

Start button has been pushed firmly.

Dryer is plugged into an outlet and/or electrical supply

is on.

Household fuse is intact and tight, or circuit breaker has

not tripped.

Dryer door is closed.


When the dryer has been running for 5 minutes, open the

dryer door and feel for heat. If you feel heat, cancel cycle and

close the door.

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