LG GW-B489SMFZ User Manual

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freezer as they may break due to
expansion of their contents on

Never put your hands into the stor-
age bin of the automatic ice maker
as you could be injured during its

Never allow anyone to climb, sit,
stand or hang on the refreshment
centre door. These actions may
damage the refrigerator and even
tip it over, causing severe personal

It is advised that this appliance
should be connected through an
independent power socket to pre-
vent it and other appliances from
overloading the circuit and caus-
ing a power outage.

The appliance should be posi-
tioned so that the supply plug is
easily accessible for quick discon-
nection should an accident occur.

If the supply cord is damaged, it
must be replaced by the manu-
facturer or its service agent or a
similarly qualifi ed person in order
to avoid a hazard.


Do not modify or extend the
Power Cord length. It may cause
electric shock or fi re.

Connect the power plug in proper
position with the cord hanging

- If you connect the power plug
upside down, wire can get cut off
and cause fi re or electric shock.

Make sure that the power plug is
not squashed or damaged by the
back of the refrigerator.

DANGER : Risk of child entrap-


Before you dispose of your old re-
frigerator please remove doors but
leave the shelves in place so that
children cannot climb inside.

This appliance can be used by chil-
dren aged from 8 years and above
and persons with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities or
lack of experience and knowledge
if they have been given supervi-
sion or instruction concerning use
of the appliance in a safe way and
understand the hazards involved.

Children shall not play with the

Cleaning and user maintenance
shall not be made by children
without supervision.

Do not store or use gasoline or

other fl ammable vapour and
liquids in the vicinity of this or any
other appliance.

In the event of an electric short

circuit, grounding (earthing)
reduces the risk of electric shock

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