LG GW-B489SMFZ User Manual

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by providing an escape wire for the
electric current.

In order to prevent possible elec-
tric shock this appliance must be
earthed. Improper connection
of the earthing plug can cause
electric shock. Consult a qualifi ed
electrician or service engineer if
the earthing instructions are not
completely understood, or if you
have doubts as to whether the ap-
pliance is properly earthed.

Do not move refrigerator while the
refrigerator is operating. Compres-
sor may occur a temporary rattling
(This is normal and will not impact
on the performance or the life of
the compressor. The rattling will
stop after the refrigerator comes
to a rest.)


• Keep ventilation openings in

the room where the appliance is
installed clear of obstruction.

• Do not use mechanical devices

or other means to accelerate the
defrosting process, other than
those recommended by the

• Do not damage the refrigerant


• Do not use electrical appliances

inside the food storage com-
partments of the appliance, un-
less they are of the type recom-
mended by the manufacturer.


• Disposal procedures. If dispos-

ing of this appliance, please
consult with a service agent or
a similarly qualifi ed person for
more details.

• Do not store explosive sub-

stances such as aerosol cans
with a fl ammable propellant in
this appliance.

• Do not use aerosols near the

- Aerosols used near the refrig-
erator may cause an explosion
or fi re.

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