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Display panels functions

Refer to Display Panel drawing at the end of the


Temperature Adjustment Button

for Fridge Compartment


Temperature Adjustment Button

for Freezer Compartment

3 Express


4 Eco


5 Door


6 Lock

7 On/Off Button

How to adjust the temperature in the
refrigerator and freezer compartment

The initial temperature of the freezer and refrigera-
tor compartment is -20°C and 3°C respectively.

You can now adjust the temperature of the
compartments as you want.





The actual inner temperature varies depending on the
food status, as the indicated setting temperature is
a target temperature, not actual temperature within
Refrigeration function is weak in the initial time. Please
adjust temperature as above after using refrigerator for
minimum 2~3 days.

Express Frz.

Please select this function for prompt freezing.
• This function is used when you want to freeze the
foods quickly. Press the Express Frz. button once,
and then the quick freeze operation starts with the
lamp on.

• The Express Frz. operation takes about 24 hours.
When its operation ends, it automatically returns
to the previous temperature setting. If you want to
stop the quick freeze operation, press the Express
Frz. button once more, the lamp goes out, and the
Express Frz. operation stops and the refrigerator
returns to the previous temperature setting.


Eco Friendly

This function makes the fridge-freezer work in a
power saving mode which is useful for when you are
away on holiday, by reducing energy consumption.

Pressing ‘ECO FRIENDLY’ starts operation with lamp
on and pressing it again stops the operation.


When the Eco Friendly mode is “ON”, the other but-
tons will not operate. When you come back from Eco
Friendly, press the Eco Friendly mode off so that other
buttons work and the refrigerator returns to previous
temperature setting.

Door alarm

When the door of the fridge is opened for a while,
the alarm sounds. Please contact with the local ser-
vice center if warning continue to sound even after
closing the door.

• You can choice door alarm on/off pressing door
alarm button shortly.


High temperature alarm

When the freezer temperature is high, because of
power failure, the freezer temperature LED blinks
and alarm sounds.

• Press “Freezer” button to stop.

• If the temperature is suffi

ciently cold the blinking

and sound will stop automatically.

This function could occur:

When the refrigerator is turned on.

When the freezer compartment is too warm

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