Introduction – LG GW-B489SMFZ User Manual

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This appliance contains a

small amount of isobutane

refrigerant (R600a), natural gas
with high environmental compat-
ibility, but it is also combustible.
When transporting and installing
the appliance, care should be
taken to ensure that no parts of
the refrigerating circuit are dam-
aged. Refrigerant squirting out of
the pipes could ignite or cause an
eye injury. If a leak is detected,
avoid any naked fl ames or poten-
tial sources of ignition and air the
room in which the appliance is
standing for several minutes.
In order to avoid the creation of a
fl ammable gas air mixture if a leak
in the refrigerating circuit occurs,
the size of the room in which the
appliance may be sited depends
on the amount of refrigerant used.
The room must be 1m2 in size for
every 8g of R600a refrigerant
inside the appliance. The amount
of refrigerant in your particular
appliance is shown on the identifi -
cation plate inside the appliance.
Never start up an appliance show-
ing any signs of damage. If in
doubt, consult your dealer.

Disposal of your old appliance

1. This crossed-out wheeled bin
symbol indicates that waste
electrical and electronic products
(WEEE) should be disposed of
separately from the municipal waste

2. Old electrical products can

contain hazardous substances so correct disposal of
your old appliance will help prevent potential nega-
tive consequences for the environment and human
health. Your old appliance may contain reusable
parts that could be used to repair other products,
and other valuable materials that can be recycled to
conserve limited resources.

3. You can take your appliance either to the shop
where you purchased the product, or contact your
local government waste offi

ce for details of your

nearest authorised WEEE collection point. For the
most up to date information for your country please

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