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Special Features for Tyros5

Special features for the Tyros5 are described below.

Creating original Voices by using preset Voices

When creating a Voice by editing one of your instrument’s preset Voices, you can check the sound by using the instrument itself.
Preset sounds cannot be played on the computer. Before proceeding to the next step, connect your instrument and computer by
using a USB cable.


In the Pack list on the Pack Manager window, select the Pack in which you wish to
store your new Voice.

Refer to

page 5

for details on how to import Packs, or

page 9

for details on how to create a new Pack.


If you wish to edit a preset Voice from an instrument, click the Add User Wave but-
ton from the Install Target
list on the Pack Manager window, and then add the
Wave file you wish to use.

q Used to add User Waves.

w Used to display the Edit User Wave menu.

• Rename
Used to change the name of the selected Wave file.

• Delete
Used to delete the selected Wave file.

e Displays a list of User Waves that are available for use.

r Used to close the User Waves window.

Digital instrument




USB cable


q w


Add User