Screen items & functions – Yamaha Expansion Manager User Manual

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Screen Items & Functions

The Pack Manager window shown below is displayed whenever the application is launched. Here,
you can import Packs and install them on your digital instrument.

q My Packs button

The term “My Packs” is used to refer to Packs that you have imported or created. Click My Packs to display all Packs in the
Pack list t (on the My Packs page).

w Install Target list

This area shows a list of instruments on which Pack data can be installed.

is displayed when the instrument is connected

via wireless network.

e Add Install Target button

This button can be used to manually add instruments to the Install Target list.

r Edit Install Target button

Click this button with an Install Target selected to display a menu for editing the Install Target list.

t Pack list

This area shows all of the Packs that you have imported or created.

y Add Pack button

Click this button to add to the Pack list by importing Packs or creating new ones.





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