Creating your own original packs – Yamaha Expansion Manager User Manual

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Creating Your Own Original Packs


Create a new Pack on the My Packs page.


Click My Packs on the Pack Manager window.


Click the Add Pack button and then select Create Pack from the menu displayed.


If necessary, edit the newly created Pack.


Select the Pack by clicking its icon in the Pack list.


Click the Pack Edit button to display an edit menu, and then change the Pack’s icon or name.
The items available for selection from the menu are as follows.

• Export Pack

Used to display a file save dialog and export the Pack.

• Change Bank Select LSB

Used to change the LSB for Voices (Bank Select MSB 62/63) contained in the Pack.

• Change Image

Used to change the Pack’s icon. When clicked, a file selection dialog will be displayed, allowing you to choose
an image file with a .jpeg, .jpg, or .png file extension. The image from the selected file will then be used as the
Pack’s icon.

• Rename

Renames the Pack.

• Delete

Deletes the Pack.


Add content to the Pack.

Content is added either by importing content files (see below) or by creating new Normal and Drum Voices (

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Click the Add Content button and then click Import Content on the menu displayed.


In the file selection dialog displayed, select the content file you wish to add.

The selected content will now be added to the end of the Content list.


You cannot use Export Pack, Change Image, or Rename with protected Packs, such as any that you have purchased.


You can also add content by dragging the corresponding file onto the Content list.