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Using the OSD Menu

6. Finish calibration.

When the message "Calibration is completed." appears, select "OK" with the SET button.

• If the message "Calibration error." is displayed.

Calibration has been terminated due to an error. The main unit returns to the state before calibration.

• To cancel calibration

Select "Cancel" with the SET button during calibration. The main unit returns to the state before calibration.


• Due to the characteristic of LCD panel and individual difference of CA-310 and CA-210, the calibration results may differ.
• Perform matrix calibration of the display color analyzer prior to calibration. If calibration is performed without performing

matrix calibration, an error may occur. Refer to the CA-310 and CA-210 instruction manual for the detail operation.

• Warming-up is necessary to stabilize the brightness of the video display. Wait at least 10 minutes after turning on the power

before calibration.

• Perform calibration in a dark room so that no external light enters the sensor. If external light enters the sensor, low

brightness characteristics cannot be calibrated correctly.


You can export/import LUT and ASC CDL parameters as well as main menu settings. Insert a USB memory stick into
the USB port of the main unit.

LUT Import (


This can be performed when "User 1-7" or "Canon Log" is selected for "Picture Mode".

1. Press the MENU button to open the OSD menu.

2. Select "Adjustment"→"LUT Import".

3. Select the file type of the LUT.

Select the file type of the LUT by using "Gamma" or "Color Gamut".

4. Select a file.

In the "File Name" field, search and display a file with extension ".clut" in the root folder.

5. Select the standard color gamut.

Select the color gamut used when creating the LUT (when "Color Gamut" under "LUT Type" is selected).

6. Select "Execute".

When the confirmation screen appears, select "OK". Import starts.


• The LUT file is proprietary to Canon Video Display. Refer to the Canon website for the file format and how to create.
• Up to 1000 LUT import files are recognized.