Location data – Nikon D500 User Manual

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Menu Guide

Adjust location data settings for use when the camera is
connected to a GPS or smart device.

Location Data

G button

➜ B setup menu




from smart


Select Yes to download location data from the smart
device and embed them in pictures taken over the next
two hours. If the camera is connected to both a smart
device and a GPS unit, location data will be downloaded
from the GPS unit. Location data can not be acquired if
the camera is off or the standby timer has expired.


This item is only available if the location has been
supplied by a GPS or smart device, when it displays the
current latitude, longitude, altitude, Coordinated
Universal Time (UTC), and heading (if supported) as
reported by the device.

External GPS

device options

Adjust settings for connection to optional GPS devices.
• Standby timer: Choose whether the standby timer

remains active while a GPS device is connected. If
Enable is selected, the exposure meters will turn off
automatically if no operations are performed for the
period specified in Custom Setting c2 (Standby timer,
0 86), reducing the drain on the battery. If a GP-1 or
GP-1A unit is connected, the unit will remain active for a
set period after the timer expires; to allow the camera
time to acquire location data, the delay is extended by
up to one minute after exposure meters are activated or
the camera is turned on. Select Disable to disable the
standby timer when a GPS device is connected.

• Set clock from satellite: Select Yes to synchronize the

camera clock with the time reported by the GPS device.