1 filter paper configuration (cont.) – Frymaster Portable Filters MF90 Series User Manual

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3.1.1 Filter Paper Configuration (cont.)

D. Sprinkle 16 ounces of filter powder on the top filter sheet. Distribute the powder over the

filter paper as evenly as possible. If filtering a second frypot immediately after the first,
add only 8 ounces of filter powder for the second filtering.

E. Place the crumb catcher screen (if used) in the filter pan. Allow the crumb catcher to rest

on the top edges of the hold-down ring.

F. Place filter pan cover onto the filter pan assembly.

G. Position filter under the fryer drainpipe for gravity drain operations, or nearby for suction

operations. Lock rear casters to prevent filter from moving out of position during the
filtering process.

MF-90 portable filter positioned correctly next to fryer drain valve, with rear casters
locked in place.