4 changing filter paper (cont.), 5 unit operation – Frymaster Portable Filters MF90 Series User Manual

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4.4 Changing Filter Paper (cont.)

7. Replace the hold-down ring and


8. Replace filter pan cover.

4.5 Unit Operation

1. When filtering, follow these steps:

2. Follow the appropriate Sections 4.3 and 4.4 to prepare your filter for operation.

3. Then position filter under fryer drain valve extension for gravity drain, or near the fryer if

the unit is an “AU” unit.

4. Turn the fryer main power switch to the “OFF” position.


Do not leave filter unit unattended during the filtering operation. Pressurized

oil moving through the lines can cause the flexible return hose and wand

assembly to pop loose and leak hot oil.

Avoid spilling hot oil onto floor surfaces. Never drain more than the maximum

amount of oil listed on the filter pan.

5. If filter is equipped with an optional heater, turn the filter switch to the heater position for

20 minutes before filtering in order to melt any solid shortening in the pump lines.